Erika D. Bradford

Owner / Master Designer / Creative Visionary Coach

Erika has been in the Graphic Design Industry going on 15 years. Having studied Fashion & Graphic Design at Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; she's been afforded the opportunity to design for numerous clients throughout the tri-state area.

This visionary leader believes that the love of God can be shown through Art & Design, and He speaks to us to help design this world into a better place....We design for Kingdom entreprenuers.

Erika has assisted organizations as their visionary coach. She is driven and inspired by what a company can become ... to meet their objectives, she is highly charismatic and determined. Erika takes pleasure in guiding organizations through transitions or difficult organizational eras.

Erika believes in marrying all art forms together, such as: photography, fashion, food, nature, and music. That's why we consider ourselves Innovative...

As an entrepreneur, artist and humanitarian, 

Erika involves herself in many platforms:

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  • G.U.A.R.D.S.

  • NETW Music Ministry

  • I.A.Y.A. Workshop

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